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“There are an infinity of angles at which one falls: only one at which one stands.”

G. K. Chesterton

                What is true of men and women is true also of nations.  In fact, in the course of human history it is debatable whether any nation has ever discovered the angle at which a people gathered together under a social contract may stand.  When it comes to standing, gravity is against us.  When it comes to standing, the passage of time is not an ally.  And though standing is an individual accomplishment, it is never accomplished alone.

                When we are learning to stand we rely on someone already standing to help us balance.  We discover, ourselves, some portion of the infinite angles at which one falls.  Nations also rely on those already standing.  Not everyone is capable of standing on their own.  For a nation to be upright, there must be enough people who can, and are willing to stand.  It is then a moral imperative for those people standing to conscientiously and humbly assist those who are still learning.

                No sane person or nation would choose their own collapse.  The path to the ground is subtle.  No one falls who recognizes his angle is improper while there is still time to correct it.  But if we are not paying sufficient attention to the banal task of walking, we may fall.  If we are under the influence of mind-altering substances that affect our balance, we may fall.  If we fail to prioritize being upright, we will fall.

                God cursed the snake to crawl on its belly for its sin in the Garden of Eden.  Men, in sharp contrast, He gave the ability to stand.  Who would prefer the view from the ground?  This nation needs people who recognize that there are an infinity of angles at which people and nations fall.  Nations stand on the shared principles that bind individuals together under a social contract.  Each of us must understand and agree upon those principles and let that be the bedrock upon which we as individuals, and nations, stand.

Adam Kraft
February 24, 2012

Solutions for U.S. is dedicated to improving America by creating an environment of hope and unity. We promise to work tirelessly to improve conditions in America and affect positive change in the world around us. We affirm the importance of working together to find solutions. 

Viable solutions evolve from both current and long standing issues that affect each and every one of us. With the approval rating of our congress currently standing at 10%, it is readily apparent that we need change in Washington, 90% change, not along party lines, simply an increase in competency, integrity, and willingness to work for the People, all of the People, not just those our elected officials bought votes from, or the special interest groups, the PACs, big business, or the lunatic fringe of their party. It's all about us, U.S.

Let's start with some issues, prioritize the issues, based upon input form our partners, all of you, then evolve ideas into meaningful, achievable solutions that we can pass on to congress, since they don't seem to understand the issues or be able to devise and implement solutions.

We believe that these three simple fundamental questions should guide the decision making process:
        1. Does the policy or proposed legislation benefit the majority of the People? Not just those the elected officials cater to or buy votes
             from, or their party leadership, but a clear majority of the People. If so they should support the policy or proposed legislation, in not
             they should run like the wind.
        2. Does the policy or proposed legislation benefit the common good? This is a slightly different consideration, and we use the Americans
             With Disabilities Act, as an example. That bill was a narrowly written piece of special interest legislation, unanimously approved, long
             over due, and it was the right thing to do. It removed barriers to buildings for people with physical limitations. If it benefits the
             common good, as defined by the majority, not just along party lines, we should support the policy or legislation.   
        3. Is it good for the children, all of the children? If so we should get behind the policy or legislation, if not back away.

The Issues of the Day:

Mainstream Values We Expect Our Leader
hen-should-we-start-worrying-about-the-deficit/ ship to Adhere To:
   Honesty, the ability to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, on all occasions, even when campaigning.
   Accountability, the lost art of being able to account for your behavior, being accountable in all aspects of life, being responsible 
                                              to your constituents, all of your constituents.
   Respect, treating others with respect, at all times. If you watch how people treat others, you will see how they will one day treat you.
   Integrity, firm adherence to a code of moral, main stream values, not to be construed as the imposition of radical personal beliefs
                              upon constituents.
   Responsiveness, being available to your constituents, and responding to their call for action.
   Understanding, listening to your constituents, all of them, and understanding their issues, not imposing your will, or the will of your 
                                               party upon the People, when that imposition goes against the will of the people, the majority rules.
   Work Ethic, understanding who you work for, all of the people in your district, not just those who bought your vote, then working      
                                     smart and responsibly in a tireless manner to represent the will of the People, not big business, not PACs, not special
                                     interest groups, and not the lunatic fringe of your party. One vote, one equal voice. 
   Leadership, the ability to restore hope and confidence in our country, and to make the hard decisions that are required to lead 
                                     rather than to cater to special interest groups, and party lines. True leaders lead for our advantage, rather than their 
                                     advantage, or party positioning. 

   It is imperative that we make primary job creation and job retention the highest priority in government. From a the
    simplified definition, primary jobs are jobs that allow one wage earner to support his or her family. We can't pursue a
    race to bottom mentality and keep America strong. Please read Race to the Bottom, by Alan Tonelson, one of the finest
    minds in America
Our standard of living can not survive on a minimum wage based economy, nor do we have to.

   Without a strong and prosperous middle class in America, we will soon look like Mexico. Possibly as soon as a couple of 
   generations from today

   The primary cause of the lose of jobs in America is a perversion of the value system that made America great.  Today, the philosophy
    seems to be all about management, and a failure to remember those rank and file employees that made the companies
   successful, and that philosophy is played out by the continual pressure to reduce wages and benefits, while awarding sometime obscene
   compensation to management. But, a far more significant cause of job loss, is the failure of business to reinvest in productivity enhancing
   technology and training that would allow them to compete in a world market. Please google "What Matters to You" by David MacNeil, he 
   has successfully put his money on the line to prove that it can be done, that we can manufacture in America, and successfully compete in a 
   world market

   We create more new technology in the United States than every other country put together. That new technology is the greatest job
   creation engine in the world, but for us to capitalize on those potential jobs, we have to hold that technology close, keep it in America, at 
   least until patent rights expire, rather than give it away to third world countries

  For America to remain prosperous, we have to offer the best public education in the world. We have to focus on and encourage excellence 
   in education. Education is the one greatest differentiator between civilized societies and uncivilized societies. At a minimum we have to 
   put   in place policy that mandates that all children graduate from high school, and that they graduate with good reading, writing, and 
   arithmetic skills, along with other marketable vocational skills. We can't allow school districts to fail, as many inner city school districts
   have done in the last 20 years

   The U.S. is currently rated 23rd in science and 14th. in math, out of the developing countries of the world. That is not  acceptable.

   To keep pace with changing requirements for a more highly skilled workforce, we have to provide vocational training for those individuals
    that choose not to pursue a college degree. For those that choose higher education, we have to insure that post secondary education is 
    available and affordable. Publicly funded post secondary education can't be allowed to escalate in cost at three to four times the rate
   of inflation. Public institutions of higher learning must be inclusive, not exclusive! Who's ego are we feeding?

Sustainable Energy Policy, Renewable Energy:
   Most leading geologists believe that we have reached peak oil production, and that from today on, production will not meet the 
    rapidly growing demand. Many world renowned geologists also believe that we could deplete all known crude oil reserves as early
   as 2078, a short sixty four years away. As supplies dwindle, prices will escalate dramatically, due the economic laws of supply and demand.
   Crude oil consumption in the U.S. is 20 million barrels per day, and we produce 9 million barrels per day. We will never see $2.00 gas
   again, and we have to be prepared to invest in emerging technology to eliminate our dependence upon crude oil, especially foreign oil.
   Additional exploration will be required, but that is nothing more than a top gap measure. The non-political, scientific observation, which
   requires more research, is that we don't have nearly enough oil in the northern hemisphere to offset the need for foreign oil, or
   accommodate growing demand.

   We will have to make it a priority to fund research and development for renewable energy sources.

Campaign Finance Reform:
   We are all aware of the impact of big money on our election process. In order to restore confidence in our political process, we must have
   publicly funded campaigns that place all candidates on a level playing field, with six months to campaign. That eliminates the tendency
   to sell their votes to the very richest people in the world. It eliminates the need for perpetual campaigning. It eliminates the temptation
   of corruption. More importantly, it gives the People a voice in government, rather than those that are able to buy influence in government.

Bring Sanity to the Budget Deficit:
   We're not of the school that screams for a balanced budget at all costs. There are times in the business cycle when deficit spending is quite
   appropriate. The government must borrow to help replace private spending when the economy collapses during a serious recession
   through increased infrastructure spending as well as expanded unemployment and welfare benefits; funding wars, and rebuilding after natural          disasters. Many of the recent actions of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and Congress were necessary in the face of the impending collapse of          the international financial system in 2007 and 2008

  But deficit spending - having appropriations exceed tax revenues - during economic booms is not appropriate. Our federal budget has been
  in deficit for 50 of the last 54 years. Through good times and bad, through the three longest expansions in our nation's history, we have
  spent more than we collected in tax revenues, leaving it to later generations to worry about paying off the debt

  Lets summarize where this horrendous national debt came from, with the understanding that during the last four years of the 
  Clinton administration we operating with an annual budget surplus:
       National Deficit at the end of the George W. Bush administration                                                                $5.2 trillion
       Medicare part "D", an unfunded mandate from the Pres. George W. Bush administration                      $1.2 trillion
       Tax cuts, and unfunded mandate from the Pres. George W. Bush administration                                      $1.2 trillion
       Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Afghanistan still under way, but at a greatly reduced cost                        $7.2 trillion
       Lost tax revenue to the IRS from 14 million unemployed and 6 million underemployed                          $1.2 trillion
       Additional unemployment benefits and food stamp benefits resulting from unemployment                   $1.2 trillion
                                                                                                                                                                                             $17.2 trillion
  Who is to blame? Our pass the buck congress, both parties. The men and women we elect, and then continue to re-elect election cycle after
  election cycle,  even though they continue to sell out America; and now some are declaring the need to take military action against Russia. Many 
  are the same ones that point fingers over the current deficit. We have been reducing the annual operating deficit, as the economy recovers, but 
  there still is no real emphasis on getting America back to work again. We still place a priority on looting the corporate treasury over incentivizing 
  reinvestment in productivity enhancing technology that will allow the United States to compete in a world market.

  The article below was  written by an economist, Tucker Hart Adams, and I am in complete agreement. For the rest of the very
  informative article, search for

 The Economist: When should we start worrying about the deficit?
 By Tucker Hart Adams

  The party clawing for power wants to spin the effects of the bailout money on our deficit, and the facts are, most of the bailout money was
  loaned to various financial institutions and automobile manufacturers, and has been repaid with interest, to the taxpayers. That sounds to
  me like a successful strategy to offset the effects of the great recession. General Motors has not totally repaid the government, but I have no
  doubt, that as the economy recovers, they will be able to repay their loan. The only damage done to the tax payers is the psychological
  damage effected upon our economy by the political spin, which is much more significant than the outstanding loan to GM

 The above article brings some sanity to the current budget crisis, and the current election cycle partisan politics that is taking place. An
  important element in the above is that our federal budget has been in deficit for 
50 of the last 54 years
.  Everyone still wants to takes sides
  in this very polarized political environment, and it's both parties that continue to sell us out, and spend like drunken sailors. There are very
  few in either party that value the middle class in this country, and truly aspire to restore the value system that made this country great. Both
  parties play good cop, bad cop, stir the crap to distract us, and sell us out every day. It makes no difference which party is in power, neither
  party is focused on the common good. The President has very little influence on the process, it's 435 Congressmen and 100 Senators, that
  introduce legislation which undermines the potential of our country. If we don't elect leaders that will work for the people, we will never see 
  change. It's imperative that we take back our government from lobbyists, special interest groups, PACs, talking heads, and the lunatic fringe
  of both parties. Don't buy into this partisan BS, look at the candidate, elect a candidate that will work for you. There is no secret sauce or
  leadership in either party, just more empty promises. It's not about empowering the Bloods or the Crips, oh, excuse me, the republicans or
  democrats, it's about empowering the people. We the People of the United States of America, in order to form a more perfect

  Vote wisely, and put a stop to the childish, us against them, gamesmanship, that takes place in Washington DC every day. Cut thru the smoke
  and mirrors and make them work for you. It's up to you and I

 Quit buying in to the divisive BS. Divide and conquer only wins wars, and the American people are not at war with each other, even though
  both parties would like to make us believe that we are. We are at war with two political parties that do not represent our best interest

 FIRE THEM ALL, for the next five election cycles, and maybe, just maybe, they will remember who they are supposed to work for, and Citizens
  United, the most damaging Supreme court decision in the history of the United States won't matter

Regulatory Oversight for the Financial Industry:
   How about repealing the Graham, Leach, Bliley Act, putting the firewall back in place, between commercial banks and investment banks. 
   The firewall that Glass and Stegal, were so wise in anticipating the need for in 1938, on the heels of the great depression; so that commercial
   banks have to get back to the business of making loans, rather than investing in securities, and sinking the world economy with scams such
   as the sub-prime mortgage debacle. And while we're at it, how about some effective regulatory oversight in the financial industries???
   Maybe even jail time for the offenders?

Illegal Immigration:
   Isn't it about time the two parties got together and decided to enforce the sound immigration laws, that are currently on the books and
   served us so well since Ellis Island? The border states in America have taken on the burden of providing health care, housing, and
   education for an incredible number of illegal immigrants, and neither party wants to take the lead in tightening security on our borders.
   Republicans want the cheap labor, and democrats want the votes. Lets develop a solution.

The Population Explosion:
   We believe that this may well be the most pressing and challenging problem the United States and the world will face in the 21st. century.
  The world population has been adding 1,000,000,000, that's 1 billion people, every 14 years or less since 1994, the world population
   reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011, we expect 8 billion by 2022, and 9 billion by 2042. Leading scientists have concluded that our
   wonderfully resilient planet can not support more than 8-9 billion people. We have discussed the rate at which we are depleting our crude
   oil reserves, and that is just one important natural resource. As we deforest the planet, we set in motion a domino effect of results that
   seriously effect, our ability to grow food, resulting from heating of the soil, erosion, and salinization, the resulting erosion alter the
   biological oxygen demand in our streams and rivers, creating dead zones that will not support aquatic life, we create additional dead zones
   where our major river meet the oceans, thereby eliminating the fish harvest, and ultimately creating an environmental disaster. A great
   book on this subject is Collapse: How Societies Chose to Fail or Succeed, by Jared Diamond. He charts the history of the collapse of
   societies from 1200 BC, in the Easter Islands, to present day

   There isn't one religious leader or consequently one elected official that will take on this most serious problem, and we have one
   presidential candidate that doesn't believe in birth control. Imagine the social unrest and chaos that will be unleashed when we can feed our
   children. We can't bury our heads in the sand and expect to wake up one day and this problem has gone away.

   This is a monumental challenge that our leadership and the People face today, and entitlements come in various forms, social security,
   medicaid, medicare, unemployment benefits, welfare, aid to dependent children, indigent health care, veterans benefits, special tax loop
   holes, the cost of health care increasing at 2-3 times the rate of inflation, and of course corporate welfare. We have a graying population
   reaching retirement years, a rapidly increasing number of our People living in poverty, 15.6 million by current estimates, close to 20
   million People unemployed and under employed, and overall fewer People in the workforce to sustain the graying population.


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