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February 22, 2012 - As a tribute to my son Brandon who we ushered into a changing world 39 years ago, and my daughter Sherice, we have decided establish Solutions for U.S., so that we may take an active roll in fixing Washington D.C., to allow the People to regain a voice in government, and to restore America's lusture, for the benefit of our sons and daughters, and future generations. Harold Wingert, our co-founder is a gifted, and intuitive non-partisan political activist, who has dedicated his life to being a great husband and father, a responsible citizen, wonderful mentor, and leader in the community. We are here to represent the People, work with the People, and initiate meaningful, and achievable solutions for America.

What Happened America?

What has happened to the society that built the greatest country in the history of the world, that once would put their life on the line to maintain a sense of honor, and now would rather denigrate those people that they may not take time to know, or with whom they disagree?

If we are to regain the high moral ground in this country, it has to start with you and I! We can't afford to continue down the road we are on, or we will witness the fall of the empire! Education, humility, compassion, loyalty, passion, and honor separates us from the barbarians of the world. Ignorance breeds ignorance. Look at the middle east. Our present state of partisan politics is unsustainable. Both parties are selling out the American people!

The only solution, is to fire all of the incumbents in the next three elections, and maybe they will remember who they work for. Sure, we will lose some good leadership, but the gain will far out weigh the loss, if they then begin to work for the people, all of the people. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

Robert W. Andrew

June 28, 2010

No taxation without representation. Rev. Jonathan Mayhew 1750, James Otis, 1765

No representation without taxation……….We have to pay our elected officials to get access and have a voice in government, the lobbyists have proven it. Or, we can fire them!

Robert Andrew 2008

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”  Donald A. Adams

What Matters to You?
This morning, at a legislative breakfast, I heard Matt Bartle, my State Senator, matter of factly state that we can’t manufacture in the United States of America. That statement was, in my opinion the single most irresponsible, disrespectful statement that I have ever heard an elected official make. Period.

I suggest that with leadership in government and in corporate America, we can in fact manufacture, and compete in a world economy. The reason we are losing jobs at an historic rate is simply due to the failure of corporate America to re-invest in productivity enhancing technology. We have allowed our value system to become  perverted by the glamorization of exorbitant material wealth, at any expense. Last year the top 500 Corporate CEOs received an average of $15.2 million in compensation, the top ten received from $98.21 million to $646.60 million, how much is enough? In Steve Jobs case that’s $310,865.38 per hour. Sure sounds logical to me………Two of the top ten CEOs, nearly bankrupted their companies, Ken Lewis of Bank America, and Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide Financial. Our CEOs and Boards of Directors, put in place short term management strategies to enhance stock value on Wall Street, with the encouragement of our elected officials in order to justify their obscene compensation packages, rather than investing in training, and productivity enhancing equipment. The end result is the exportation of jobs and technology to third world countries, and the ultimate demise of the middle class in America and the world.

Manufacturing is the heart and soul of America, don’t let it slip away!

Please go to this website and click on the link, What Matters to You, I think you will want to pass this on to everyone you know. The closing paragraph says it all.................................

This narrative written by my nominee for World Businessman and Leader of the Year, David MacNeil, CEO, MacNeil Automotive Group, very succinctly defines a culture of leadership that has the power, if embraced by a majority of our business leaders, and elected officials to allow the United States of America to maintain a dominant position in the world economy, and maintain an economically viable middle class. Over the course of the last fifty years, we have developed more technology than has been developed since the beginning of time. As a result of poor leadership, greed, short sighted management strategies, and a generally lackadaisical attitude, we have given away most of the technology developed in the U.S., and the associated jobs. Today, we find ourselves mired in a great recession, having lost over 6 million jobs, many of which will never come back to the United States. We talk about re-training our work force to allow them to re-join industry, we talk about green jobs, and we talk about jobs in industries which have not been created yet, all the while our industrial base is shrinking for a number of reasons, the most significant of which is primarily due to poor leadership. I suggest that the focus needs to be on re-training our corporate executives and elected officials, to understand the importance of discipline, re-investment, and long term growth strategies that will benefit all of America rather than a hand full of executives with golden parachutes.

This country was built by the hard work of the middle class. The CEOs that are so quick to export technology and jobs to developing countries, in an attempt to make the stock more attractive to Wall Street Investors, live with delusions of grandeur, that result in the sell out of our middle class. They put in place, short term management strategies that are not sustainable, they fail to reinvest in productivity enhancing technology, and place emphasis on looting the corporate bank accounts to pay themselves multimillion dollar compensation packages, averaging 400 times the compensation of the rank and file employees, which are responsible for the success and quality of the companies.

I am a died in the wool free market capitalist, not smart enough to run a Fortune 500 Corporation, but definitely insightful enough to realize that we are headed down a dead end road, and that the future of my grandchildren is in serious jeopardy. We need many more leaders with the sense of social responsibility that David MacNeil possesses. Let's change our philosophy from admiring sports celebrities and CEOs that own mansions on multiple continents to admiring and praising leaders like David MacNeil. Honor men and women with high values and expectations.

Please don't conclude that my position has any political affiliations with either party, because I prefer not to be associated with any political party until I see some behavior that I can qualify as leadership. Both parties are populated by self serving people that seem to think their constituents are idiots. Had Rahm Emanuel directed his statement about F____ing retards to both parties, it would have been deadly accurate, undeniable, and a succinct use of our great English language. Today leadership is non-existent in Washington DC and many state capitols. It's up to you and I to change our direction. Vote wisely, fire all incumbents for the next five election cycles, and maybe they will remember who they work for! Our leadership is a direct reflection on you and I. Let's put an end to political correctness, and insist on accountability!

Robert W. Andrew
February 12, 2010


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